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Belrobics is a low impact, belly dance inspired fitness class, suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, with easy to follow choreography and uplifting music. If you want to feel confident in your body and have fun whilst shimmying fit, then this is the class for you! 



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Belrobics Core and Balance

Belrobics Baby Bumps

Belrobics Core and Balance, influenced by belly dancing and the meditative exercise forms of the Far East, develops your core strength and inner balance. In a 45 minute class each major muscle group is worked using dance strengthening exercises, which are layered with Belrobics Basic moves to create a feminine feel and bring more of a challenge to the core. Breathing exercises are used throughout to relax the mind and re-energise the body. This programme will have you feeling powerful, feminine and strong.

Belrobics Baby Bumps is a belly dance inspired fitness class for pregnant women. Designed in conjunction with midwives, our aim is to inspire pregnant women to reclaim their bodies and prepare them for labour in a way that is as natural as birth itself. The classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and include gentle dance routines with uplifting music, routines to help core muscles stay conditioned and a special Belrobics Mantra Routine to help women stay active during labour.

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