Belrobics Baby Bumps


About Belrobics Baby Bumps

Belrobics Baby Bumps is an antenatal fitness course designed, with midwives, to help you keep fit and feel fabulous during pregnancy and beyond.

The fitness routines take their inspiration from the ancient moves of belly dance and are separated into three trimesters, reflecting your body's changing needs.

Each class takes only 30 mins to complete and the low impact moves are set to uplifting music.

We have included a Core and Balance section in each trimester to help core and pelvic floor muscles stay conditioned.

You will also see our special Belrobics Mantra routine featured in the course. This has been created for use during labour and for general relaxation - the gentle pelvic movements encourage a calm body and mind.

No monthly subscription - just one payment of £20 for a whole year!

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